Is Vietri dinnerware made in Italy?

Yes. From the first line of dinnerware brought back to the U.S. by the founders, which eventually became the Campagna line of dinnerware, Vietri dinnerware is has always been made in Italy.
Today, over 140 artisans from Italy create this exceptional dinnerware, glassware, and flatware.
Vietri dinnerware now comes from multiple regions of Italy, including Veneto, Umbria, Tuscany, and Campania.

Are Vietri dishes handmade?

Vietri dishes, tableware, and home and garden accessories are handmade and handpainted.
Each piece is made of Italian clays and manufactured using traditional methods that have been perfected over the centuries.
Each piece has subtle colors and strokes. Please note that the artist never repeats the same way of painting a piece, making each truly unique.

Are Vietri dishes and Vietri plates microwave-safe?

Please use caution when mmicrowaving Vietri dishes and Vietri plates.
Unless noted, all Vietri dishes and Vietri plates are microwave-safe.
However, the varying nature of the clays used to manufacture these products may result in different temperatures between of Vietri pieces when they are microwaved.

Is Vietri flatware dishwasher safe?

Unless noted, all Vietri flatware is dishwasher safe.
Vietri flatware is made of 18/10 high-quality stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance.
When using a dishwasher, always use the low-energy/air-dry cycle using a mild, non-abrasive/non-scented detergent without alcohol and chlorine.
Place the flatware with the handles up in the basket.

Are Vietri oven-to-table servers oven-safe?

Vietri’s oven-to-table servers, such as casserole and baking dishes, are oven-safe.
These handcrafted oven-to-table servers are made of very dense clays and baked at extremely high temperatures.
These servers can be heat resistant to 400° Fahrenheit, except the Forma collection, which is heat resistant up to 500° Fahrenheit.
However, like any stoneware, you need to exercise precautions to ensure that you can continue to enjoy these exceptional products for many years:
Do not place hot casseroles and baking dishes on damp, cool, and unprotected surfaces.
Do not placee Vietri bakeware directly into the oven from the refrigerator.
When removing the bakeware from the oven, hold the body of the dish while supporting the base. The handles are decorative and should not be for support.
Avoid using the casserole lids in the oven.

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