What makes Kosta Boda glassware exceptional?

Kosta Boda is one of the oldest glass companies in Sweden. Operating since 1742, they are among the best glasswork companies in the world.

Kosta Boda has hosted painters, artists, and sculptors over the years that have helped them create unique glassware designs that have earned them the reputation as Sweden’s most artistic glassmaker.

Not only do they make functional glassware, such as drinking glasses and windowpanes, but they have also provided crystal glassware for aristocratic clients. Vintage Kosta Boda glassware is among the most sought-after glassware in the world.

Today, their range of glassware and vases come in every shape and size imaginable and is created using complex techniques. Kosta Boda glassware is now available in stunning colors and forms.

How can Chelsea House Lamps make my interiors magazine-worthy?

Founded in 1974, Chelsea House is a family-owned company that provides high-quality, handcrafted, and beautifully-designed lamps.

Combining their classic designs, fine materials, and joyful colors in their lamps and home accessories creates a welcoming effect for your home.

Their exceptional designs infuse an authentic character and everyday elegance into your space.

Why are Erbario Toscano home fragrances sought-after?

Erbario Toscano was founded 50 years ago in Tuscany, Italy selling natural olive oil products which were finished with unique handmade packaging.

Erbario Toscano home fragrances are still manufactured using traditional methods presented in antique-inspired packaging.

Their unique scents are made from plants and herbs native to the Tuscany region, such as lavender, olive, citrus, and rose. These are made into cosmetic products for therapeutic purposes. Today, Erbario Toscano makes exquisite body, bath, and lifestyle products with natural active ingredients.

What makes an Orrefors crystal bowl unique?

The Orrefors company has made exceptional glassware since its acquisition by Consul Johan Ekman in 1913.

The company has since followed a tradition of experimentation with various glassware ornamentation techniques perfected by the best Swedish glass artisans in the last century.

Today, Orrefors, along with renowned Swedish glassware makers Kosta Boda, is owned by New Wave AB, a company that focuses on design and lifestyle. They still produce glass using their proprietary techniques, with contemporary designers adding their modern style.

What is the best Italian outdoor dinnerware available?

To compliment your Vietri dinnerware collection from Vietri Lastra, Campagna, and Acquatico, the best Italian outdoor dinnerware collection recommended are the melamine series from Vietri Lastra and Vietri Incanto.

A complete set of melamine products, such as the Melamine Lastra White three-piece and twelve-piece place settings, are available. 

A broad range of Vietri melamine serving ware from Lastra and Incanto is also available on our website. 

Why are Currey and Company lighting, furniture, and accent pieces special?

Since 1988, they have included furniture, accent pieces, and lighting in their collection.

For 30 years, they have built a reputation for innovative furnishings that cater to residential, contract, and hotel interiors worldwide.

With natural materials, attention to detail, and intricate craftsmanship using exceptional design concepts that are in tune with current trends, they take pride in their spirit of creativity.

Do you offer bedding collections that can make my bedroom feel more luxurious?

Yes. Home Decor by Donna offers the Ann Gish luxury Bedding collection.

With a collection of pillowcases, duvets, coverlets, pillows, shams, and throws, you can transform your bedroom instantly with a luxurious touch.

The Ann Gish collection on our site contains the Chino, Aspen, Asperitas, Anatolia, Egyptian Faience, Horus, and all the latest in the long line of luxurious linens released by the company.

What are your recommended table decorations for home from the collections available on the site?

The most popular table decorations available for home that add a luxurious touch to your dining experience come from the Orrefors and Kosta Boda collections of Swedish glassware.

Various collections of stoneware, woodware, and table decorations are also offered by Vietri, with unique Italian handmade decor from the Carrara, Foresta, Rustic Garden, and Hibiscus vase home decor collections.

The Bodrum collection also offers a wide array of table decor including napkin rings, table linens, ripple trays, and placemats.

What are the best home decor table lamps you can recommend?

The most exceptional brands that provide excellent home decor table lamp designs with unique luxurious touches are from the Wildwood and Chelsea House collections.

Both brands feature an extensive range of table lamps.

Chelsea House offers the Huntington, Jefferson, Gold Laurel, and Twin Crystal lamps among hundreds of excellent choices. 

Wildwood, on the other hand, offers the Whitney, Stoneridge, Saguaro, Salerno, and Tweet Lamp, along with over a hundred choices to select from.

Which line of products offers unique table doctor ideas for home, especially for dining?

Orrefors, Kosta Boda, and Vietri each add their own exceptional quality to your dining experience. 

There is one brand that we can genuinely say provides a unique quality to your dining experience through the addition of subtle design cues on your dining table.

The brand we are referring to is the Bodrum collection.

Their napkin rings, table napkins, trays, coasters, and table mats reflect Turkey’s rich culture and excellent craftsmanship.

What makes Wildwood chandeliers exceptional?

Wildwood, a American Southern furniture and home decor company, has been offering excellent chandelier designs since the 1970s.

Before the 1980s, Wildwood made its name by providing classically-inspired lamps and chandelier designs reflecting European and Asian inspirations.

Since the 1990s, it has released various chandelier designs with modern touches.

Today, Wildwood carries designs made by innovative designers like Bob Timberlake, Joe Ruggiero, and Studio W, among others.

Home Decor by Donna celebrates Wildwood’s tradition of making excellent chandeliers through their Esmerado Chandeliers. These classical chandeliers hark back to Wildwood’s storied past and celebrates their Southern tradition.

These distinctive pieces are available in large and medium sizes.

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