(Photo Credit to Rightful Owner)
Traveling is a great way for me to get inspiration for interior design and architecture. The architectural styles of the New England houses make me long for the architectural details of the Greek Revival, Colonial, and Federalist Style. The process of traveling exposes me to various types of architecture and gives me inspiration for future projects.
Driving up the coast, I visited many small towns from Kennebunkport to Bar Harbor and Portland to Cousin’s Island. A thousand miles later, I was ready to move there!
New England architecture has a distinct set of designs that has been around for centuries.  From Colonial to Victorian styles, this stylistic range can be seen as you walk down the streets of Maine. In many of the colonial houses , the defining features were the symmetrical floor plans with symmetrical façade and shingles.  A church I saw in Bar Harbor had colonial influences which is evident from its symmetrical facade.

We also saw many Victorian styled houses that had common elements from asymmetrical window and door placements, steep roofs, and uneven floor plans. Victorian houses have an eclectic look, borrowing from many different styles. It was nice seeing this type of architecture especially in Kennebunkport. Bright and airy rooms were an absolute standard to let the coastal sea breeze into the rooms – which is very reminiscent of the Hamptons.
While in Bar Harbor, I biked to the Designer Showcase House at La Rochelle. It was originally owned by the Campbell Soup family. Many designers were asked to design rooms that were reflective of their interior design styles. This is an iconic Gilded Age “Cottage” built in 1902  is a work of art with exquisite woodwork throughout. It has 13,000 square feet of living space, 12 bedrooms, 9 baths and was originally listed for only $4 million in 2018.
How much do you think this would sell in Los Angeles?
The property is on West Street which is the town’s main street. Many shops and restaurants are nearby. The house itself is gorgeous with Victorian  influenced architecture and brick walls
Inside, the house gleamed with texture, color and character. Every room was designed with careful detail and precision to give each room its own charming style. The layering of architectural moldings and juxtaposition of styles were prominent when designing this beautiful space. Playful colors were also included to enhance the lively character in this historical architecture.

(Photo Credit to rightful owner)
I have been longing for this special type of architectural and interior design beauty which has been missing in Los Angeles interior design. It was heart-warming and cozy to see this type of architectural details. Designers took this historical house and incorporated contemporary furnishings such as rugs, wall coverings and light fixtures. Architectural moldings and jewel tone paint colors embellished the rooms beautifully.
From there, I biked to the National Acadia Park.  Forty-five miles of rustic carriage roads was gifted by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, which weaves through the mountains of Acadia National Park. Wanting to roam free without automobiles, he constructed the Carriage Roads.
This provided a pathway for his horses and carriage and took many years to build.  From 1913 to 1940, he committed to his  dream.  It did not come over night, but his legacy lives on. I think this is a wise reflection in todays time as everyone seems to want things overnight.
Every house we saw in Maine presented beautiful quality landscaping. With only having 3-4 months of great weather, their upkeep with landscape design was phenomenal.
The maintenance and dedication put into making everything look pristine and gorgeous was truly inspirational.  I came home and immediately bought flowers for my house.
Long covered porches which stretch out to the side of the house were common. Having a beautiful porch with antique white wicker gives a warm and inviting appeal.
A definite highlight of the trip was seeing Laura and Jenna Bush in a small store shopping with their Secret Service detail. I guess once you are in the political game, you never have an alone moment in public.
May 14, 2020 — Donna Livingston