The best way to enjoy your splendid Italian dining experience is while enjoying the stunning Italian vistas. While you may not always be able to enjoy the views from your own villa, you can transport yourself to the heart of where it all began by celebrating Italy's rich history, art, and lifestyle through these table decorations handcrafted by skilled artisans from Italy. Complement your sumptuous Italian feast with Vietri dinnerware, and add a luxurious touch with table decoration ideas by Vietri. Aside from dinnerware, flatware, and glassware, Vietri completes your authentic Italian dining experience through their table linens, vases, and dining accessories.

Table Decoration Ideas for Home by Vietri

Florence and Tuscany, The Centers of Renaissance Heritage

Florence and Tuscany, The Centers of Renaissance Heritage


The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy, under the patronage of the powerful Medici family. It was a period known for massive economic and cultural growth following the stagnation of the Middle Ages. Trade flourished around the rich ports of Genoa and Venice, but some of the greatest names in Renaissance art and culture are centered around Florence, where the Medici family is based. Famous names such as da Vinci, Michelangelo, Boticelli, the poet Dante, the political theorist Machiavelli, and the scientist Galileo, once lived and worked in this historic city. Today, the Florence Cathedral stands as one of the greatest masterpieces of Renaissance architecture. 

Ingredients typically associated with Italian cuisine were introduced to Italy during this period. Tomato, a plant native to Peru, was introduced to Italy by the Spanish, who ruled Naples at that time. Other foods from outside Italy, such as zucchini, squash, peppers, corn, and chocolate, came to Italy through trade. Along with art and the birth of Italian cuisine came the explosion of artisanship and industry in Florence and the surrounding Tuscan region, which spread throughout Italy.


Vietri Table Decoration Ideas

Not surprisingly, some of the most popular collections of Vietri dinnerware and table decor pieces are made in Florence and Tuscany, such as the Florentine Wooden Accessories and the Vietri Pumpkins, Vietri Fiori di Campo, Vietri Lastra, Vietri Hibiscus, and the Vietri Pietra Serena. Other centers of Renaissance culture, such as the Veneto region and the rest of Italy, are where exceptional Italian table decors, such as the Vietri Limoni and various Vietri Linen collections, originate.


Vietri Florentine Wooden Accessories

Vietri Table Decoration Ideas


Inspired by the Renaissance, and made in the center of Renaissance culture and history, comes the Vietri Florentine Wooden Accessories collection. With the blend of ancient manufacturing techniques and modern interpretation, each unique piece bears the classic shapes and soft curves that set these handcrafted wooden accessories apart from the rest. Maestro artisans lovingly craft each piece before applying gold leaf. The wide variety of Florentine wooden accessories includes Round trays, Gold tissue boxes., Oval trays, Red and gold boxes, and Red wooden accessories with exquisite gold accents.


Vietri Pumpkins

Vietri Pumpkins Figural Pumpkin Small Oval Platter

The Vietri Pumpkins is a nod to the lively scene of Florentine street markets. Each piece brings to your dining table a playful yet sophisticated reminder of the exceptional color and vitality of the fall harvest in Florence. The Vietri Pumpkins collection also carries a complete selection of dinnerware, from salad plates, dishes, and mugs, to oval platters, serving bowls, and sauce servers.

Vietri Fiori di Campo

Vietri Fiori di Campo Cake Stand


The soft tones of the stone combined with the hand-sponged and whimsical rendition of wildflowers found in Fiori di Campo transport you to the idyllic surroundings of the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy the soothing colors provided by the watercolor blooms, which exude the beauty of nature for you to behold all year round. Along with the cake stand, the Fiori di Campo collection includes matching dinnerware from plates, mugs, and salad dishes, to serveware, with each possessing the same charm that has endeared this collection to its audience for ages.

Vietri Lastra

Vietri Lastra White Large Conic Vase

Italy is also known for its cheese and cheesemaking, and the Vietri Lastra is an homage to the simple charm of this cottage industry. Each piece bears the mark as if wooden slabs were removed, leaving a slight overlap to maintain the shape of the cheese. As a result, each Vietri Lastra piece is a unique luxurious accent that ushers forth an authentic Italian dining experience with its irregular but clean lines. The vast Vietri Lastra collection is comprised of unique dinnerware and table decor designed for each meal. The collection is available in two main groups of colors, shades of melamine white and jade green.

Vietri Hibiscus

Vietri Hibiscus Glass Bud Vase


Vietri Hibiscus presents an opportunity to bring a masterpiece as a centerpiece to your dining table to complement your Vietri dinnerware. The Vietri Hibiscus vases have been made since 1952 by the Italian glassware company IVV, based in Arezzo, a city in eastern Tuscany, Italy. The company is proud to preserve the traditional craft handed down over generations, with each piece requiring concentration and skill to mouth blow and craft.

Vietri Pietra Serena

Vietri Pietra Serena Amore Plate

Pietra Serena, in Italian, means "serene stone." Its subtle shade of white is a nod to the gray marble sandstone that served as the foundation of this stunning city. The hand-pressed edges of each piece pay homage to the architectural details of the significant Renaissance buildings of Florence, Italy. Known for its dinnerware, Vietri Pietra Serena's complement provides a unique Florentine dining experience. Their collection includes serveware, olive bottles, spoon rests, microwave-safe bakeware, and dishwasher-safe dinnerware.

Vietri Limoni


Vietri Limoni White Footed Fruit Bowl

This complement of dinnerware is handpainted on terra Bianca (white earthware) in Tuscany and Veneto. Each piece is a nod to the image of the streets of Positano or the Island of Capri known for the scent of its coastline overgrown with crops of lemons. Their collection of fruit bowls, with its cheerful lemon patterns, are distinctly Italian with a deep Roman influence in design. 

Vietri Bohemian Linens


Vietri Bohemian Linens Dot Blue/Gold Napkins - Set of 4


Inspired by the Bohemian lifestyle, its modern patterns nonetheless complement the Vietri dinnerware and add a distinctly Italian character to any place setting. The Vietri Bohemian collection includes aprons, table runners, and placemats. Each piece is made from cotton and brings a harmonious vibe that matches the charm of Italy with the modern American lifestyle.

Vietri Rufolo

Vietri Rufolo Glass Gold Scattered Votive

Italian for "ruffled," each piece has distinctive designs that make them exceptional dinnerware for special occasions. Its irregular edges and patterns, complemented by gold or platinum accents, add to its mesmerizing charm. The Rufolo collection includes service plates, platters, canape plates, servers, cake stands, gold votives, and vases.



These Table Decoration Ideas by Vietri Bring a Touch of Italian Culture and Lifestyle to Your Home

Italy has been at the center of explosions of culture and trade in various periods of its history. Many concepts we know today as distinctly Italian were born during the Renaissance and spread throughout the world through trade and various cultural exchanges through the centuries. Also born in this period and this region in Italy is the exquisitely handcrafted collections that reflect their rich heritage. To complement Italy's sumptuous cuisine, Vietri’s wide range of handmade collections created in Florance and Tuscany provide a luxurious touch to your dining experience. Lovingly curated by award-winning interior designer Donna Livingston, we bring you unique masterpieces from Italy's artisans to celebrate Italy's history, tradition, and culture.

October 27, 2022 — Digital Team