Hello Summer!

Summer is finally here! Although we’re stuck in this quarantine, there are still so many opportunities to be outdoors!

With good practice of social distancing, we can still bring the fun! Living at home for the past few months has made me appreciate the outdoors a bit more.

On Home Decor by Donna, we have many summer items that can make your house and adventures merrier. 

As a Los Angeles interior designer, I look for products that I want to incorporate into my home and the home’s of my clients. I like to carefully pick and choose which interior decoration pieces would be the perfect match for my designs. 

I’ve curated a list of home decor products that I love with special deals to ring in the summer season. 

Here is a list of my favorite house special essentials for the summertime.

Hello Summer!

Palmilla Pillow

This is a beautiful floral pillow that can add a pop of color to your home! Add this to your living room decor or put this in your bedroom - this pillow radiates summer! If you are redecorating your home for the summer, consider adding this to your collection. Click photo to purchase!


Hello Summer!

Limoncello Pitcher

A home decor fan favorite! This lemon pitcher is perfect for the summertime. Serve with a nice cold beverage of iced tea and pour it poolside for the perfect summer drink! Check out the full “Limoncello” Collection for the full range of lemon decorated items. Click photo to purchase!

Hello Summer!

Picnic Basket

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a beautiful picnic with your friends and family. This picnic basket is loaded with all tableware accessories you need. From forks to knives and small wine glasses to plates, it has all the items to have the perfect summer picnic. Comes in a variety of sizes! Click photo to purchase!


Hello Summer!

Cocktail Drinks

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some cocktail drinks. Enjoy summer nights by pouring yourselves a nice cold beverage. Here are some classic whiskey cups that are perfect for any occasion. Spice up your cocktails by rimming the top with red and blue sugar. Click photo to purchase!


Hello Summer!

Big Picnic Cooler Insulated Backpack

These backpacks are the perfect addition to your summer essentials. If you are planning to go on a long distance trip or a day at the beach, these insulated backpack can keep your food at its right temperature. Perfect for on-the-go families with many mouths to feed! Click photo to purchase!

Hello Summer!
Intricate Hand-Painted Style Plates

Gorgeous one-of-a-kind plates, perfect for the summer time. Add these plates to your tableware collection for a fun way to keep things exciting. Serve your best summer dishes with these beautifully designed plates. This collection comes in a variety of colors. Click photo to purchase!


Hello Summer!

European Style Coffee/Tea Cup Set

These adorable and colorful coffee/tea cup sets would make the greatest addition to your mug collection. The butterfly designs are perfect for the summer theme and would make for an ideal interior decor setting. Click photo to purchase!

July 03, 2020 — Donna Livingston