The unique approach that Ann Gish takes to their bedding and luxury linen collections has ensured that they make their way into the best hotels, films, celebrity homes, and homes of the most discerning homeowners. Ann Gish's bedding collections have never fail to provide us with the most exceptional selection of luxury linens designed to provide comfort and a touch of luxury to our bedrooms. In 2021, Ann Gish took their unique approach to bedding and luxury linen design a step further by introducing The Met x Ann Gish Collection. 

The Met x Ann Gish Collection

Met x Ann Gish Collection

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City 

The Met x Ann Gish collection is inspired by thousands of years of human expression depicted in the displays found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The design inspirations are perfect expressions of ancient and contemporary works displayed in the famous institution. The Ann Gish company, now headed by Jane Gish, continues its tradition of modern, luxurious, and contemporary bedding designs in collaboration with the Met. Ann Gish offers duvets, pillows, coverlets, throws, and sheeting in this collection that reflects the rich culture and history recreated in mesmerizing patterns in lovingly selected materials characteristic of the company's products.

Donna Livingston, an award-winning interior decorator, offers a trip down the hallowed halls of The Met by presenting you The Met x Ann Gish Collection. This exceptional selection of luxury linens and bedding presents you with a trip through history through the great colors, quality, and charm of the collections available on their site.

The Met x Ann Gish Reed Duvet

Old Kingdom, Egypt 

c. 2700 - 2200 BCE

The Met x Ann Gish Reed Duvet

The Nile and the surrounding marshes were the lifeblood of ancient Egyptian civilization. The great river and wetlands were at the center of everyday life, from its role as a travel medium to nurturing the development of one of the greatest and most prosperous civilizations in history. Reeds are a fitting symbol of the Nile, and the papyrus documents made from these plants are a crucial element of Egyptian history. The fringe-cut weft pieces of the Reed Duvet capture the color and textures of the papyrus scrolls made from the reeds that grew along the Nile. Made from high-quality cotton, the Reed Duvet, throws, and pillows are delicately crafted to create a soft, comfortable, and luxurious feel.

The Met x Ann Gish Anatolia Sheet Set

Neo Assyrian Empire, 

Near East c. 746 - 609 BCE

The Met x Ann Gish Anatolia Sheet Set

The Neo-Assyrian Empire was Assyria's fourth and most significant phase as an independent state. Its rich history of trade and conquest left us with several artifacts, one of which is a decorative boss crafted by the artisans of the empire. The Anatolia Sheet Set features a decorative jacquard band woven in patterns that pay homage to the craftsmanship of Neo-Assyrian artisans. Their subtle ways are recreated in the Anatolia bedding collection. Made of Oeko-Tex-certified cotton, the Anatolia sheets and bedding collection in the Anatolia Sheet Set provide a relaxed and comfortable accent befitting of the Middle Eastern civilization it evokes.

Met x Ann Gish Rosette Pillow

Greek and Roman c. 100 BCE - 100 CE

Ann Gish Rosette Pillow

The colorful mosaic pottery, glass inlays, and wall decorations that were popular in turn-of-the-millennium Greek and Roman civilizations along the Mediterranean coast are captured in the Met x Ann Gish Rosette Pillows. Inspired by the mosaic glass inlay exhibited in the Met, the intricate and colorful patterns that can be closely identified with the prevalent cultures of the Mediterranean coast are recreated on printed high-quality linen that can instantly transform any interior space.

Met x Ann Gish Tesserae Mosaic Throw

Europe c. 500 - 1400 CE


Tesserae Mosaic Throw By Ann Gish

esserae were the most luxurious form of glass art in the Byzantine period. Mosaics created during the period using this method are found throughout sites from Italy to North Africa and Mesopotamia. Remnants of these colorful Byzantine glass mosaics that used to adorn the walls and artwork of the era are on display at the Met. The Tesserae Mosaic Throw and bedding set perfectly capture the mesmerizing colors of these glass remnants. The intricately arranged squares that evoke the distinctive shades of colors on the Byzantine glass fragments on display in the Met are printed on fine cotton and linen. The fine textures and striking colors make perfectly comfortable and stunningly beautiful throws.   

Met x Ann Gish Kinrande Duvet

Ming Dynasty China c. 1590-1610

Kinrande Duvet By Ann Gish

The rich, intricate patterns of the Ming Dynasty are recreated on linen and fine cotton in this luxurious Kinrande Duvet. The richness and extravagance of Chinese art that made its way to the west through trade are reflected by the bowl with stylized leaves in gold and blue glaze with cobalt blue under a transparent glaze in its interior. The ultimate in form and function, this luxury bedding set is a fitting expression of imperial Chinese culture's rich history and tradition.

Met x Ann Gish Landscape Mega Pillow

United States c. 1825-1870

Landscape Mega Pillow By Ann Gish 

The Hudson River School was an American art movement influenced by Romanticism that made its name in the mid-19th century. The realistic, detailed, and idyllic depiction of nature and pastoral scenes of the time characterizes the paintings of this art movement. Its dreamy tones and rich details shine through the Landscape Mega Pillow on custom-printed velvet. Its enormous size allows the richness of the painting to be viewed and appreciated. 

Met x Ann Gish Second Empire

France c. 1852 - 1870

Second Empire Duvet By Ann Gish

The art movement prevalent just before the turn of the 20th century is characterized by flowing forms and extravagant motifs and materials. One of the most poignant representations of the era is a ball gown made by Charles Frederick Worth of silk, glass, and metallic thread around 1887. The sunburst pattern on gold in a ball gown once owned by Mrs. Caroline Schemerhorn Astor-Wilson serves as the inspiration for the intricate gold sunburst motif over the fine cotton blend on the Second Empire Duvet from The Met x Ann Gish collection. A fitting expression of opulence and style, the Second Empire Duvet instantly brings a touch of extravagance to your bedroom. 

By Ann Gish Maiolica Duvet

Ann Gish has once again p
rovided us with trailblazing design concepts that characterize their exceptionality among makers of luxury bedding and linen. For people who appreciate the history, art, and beauty of human culture, the Met x Ann Gish Collection offers luxurious and functional bedding and linens that will instantly transform your bedroom space with sophisticated elegance. For more Met x Ann Gish pieces, visit the bedding page on our site.

February 28, 2023 — Digital Team