One of the most important things in interior design is color. Picking out which colors that would look good together may seem like an uncomplicated task, but it is easier said than done!

Color sets the tone and feeling throughout the house! You see it everywhere; from the exterior of the house to the interior, it should always look cohesive and balanced from the moment you land your eyes on it. 

Donna Livingston loves to play with color and design. From colorful art pieces to monochromatic schemes, she is always experimenting to give her client the best of the best!

Here, you can see how Donna Livingston incorporates color into this neutral toned room. The vibrant hues of the chair and orchids gives a fun play to a "normal" dining room setup. 

Color in Interior Design Image 001

From the dining room, we see the living room embellished with hints of colors from the plants on the center table, to the trinkets and art on the wall. Color truly transforms the place entirely.

Below are more pictures of Donna Livingston's play on color:

Color in Interior Design Image 002

Color in Interior Design Image 003

However, bright colors aren't always needed to make a statement. A same-tone color scheme can also make an impact, as seen below.

Color in Interior Design Image 004

For instance, warm hues are evident when designing this space. A color palette of brown shades are seen which gives off a mature and sophisticated feeling. We can also see that the accessories on the shelves provide great color. 

At the end of it all, color is everywhere around us. It is most important in our homes than any place else because we see it everyday. Although we may look over color in our day-to-day lives, interior designers, such as Donna Livingston, focus on picking out the right colors for your home.

May 14, 2020 — Donna Livingston