Bedding and bed accessories, like pillows, can transform a bedroom and provide the perfect ambiance for rest and relaxation. With sophisticated and refined designs that are delightful to live with, the Ann Gish Art of Home line provides exquisitely detailed and finely-made bed linens for the finest homes. Today, Ann Gish is preferred by many leading interior designers and is featured in many world-leading hotels. Celebrities have enjoyed Ann Gish’s designs, and her work has appeared on TV, in film, and on stage. Now, you can instantly transform your bedroom into your personal sophisticated sanctuary with Ann Gish’s renowned bedding styles.

About Ann Gish

 Ann Gish Croc Coverlet

The company was founded by Ann Gish in 1991, after working as an interior designer in Los Angeles in the 80s. She introduced placemats and napkins made from Dupioni silk in a home decor showroom in Los Angeles right before founding what came to be Ann Gish Inc. Ann Gish has stamped her mark by offering moderately-priced bedding collections with more high-end products being washable. 

By 2012, Ann Gish realized her dream of opening her home furnishings store in the Flatiron district in New York City. The store was hailed as one of the 25 best home furnishing stores in the United States. By 2019, her company reopened a New York Design Center showroom after closing its Flatiron site.

The Ann Gish Art of Home bridge line was developed in 2015. These high-quality duvet sets, sheeting, and pillows are made with the same level of care and attention as her higher-end products, such as the Anguilla and Croc Coverlet collections. The excellently well-placed price range of the line has distinguished the brand from the competition.

Further collections, such as the Ebony & Ivory Ellipse, were introduced to further acclaim. The Met x Ann Gish collection was launched in 2021, with new designs regularly introduced. 

The Exceptional Ann Gish Products Offered by Home Decor by Donna Art of Home

Ann Gish combines high-quality fabrics with exceptional craftsmanship to provide mesmerizing duvets, pillows, curtains, and more. Inspired by nature, art, history, and various other themes, Ann Gish offers design options that instantly excite, revitalize, and transform your bedroom.

Imprint Duvet Set

Ann Gish Imprint Duvet Set

The Ann Gish Art of Home collection provides affordable alternatives with exceptional quality. The showcase item that combines the elements that truly define this collection is the Imprint Duvet Set. Sharing the same topstitched flange construction with Ann Gish’s higher-end collection, the use of polyester allowed the company’s designs to be available at incredibly-priced ranges. The popular Imprint duvet set is renowned in bronze. Both king and queen sets include a duvet cover with two shams. Pewter and pearl-colored options are available to match broad interior design options.

Double Diamond Coverlet Set

Ann Gish Double Diamond Coverlet Set

The Ann Gish Art of Home offers excellently-priced high-quality bedding options and versatility in dressing up interiors. Its cool colors, such as white, teal, silver, sea blue, charcoal, and ivory, allow flexibility to infuse a more refined look into any room. Brilliantly-printed nature-themed patterns with diamond-quilted flange borders create a sophisticated and tailored look that lend the Double Diamond Coverlet set its distinguished look.

Faux Linen Coverlet Set

Ann Gish- Faux Linen Coverlet Set

The Art of Home by Ann Gish provides:

  • The perfect sets with superior construction that can elevate casual bedrooms.
  • A diamond-quilting pattern that matches higher-end collections.
  • Intricate classic designs to match your room’s interiors.

The faux linen coverlet set is available in stonewashed blue and indigo, along with distinct patterns. The king set includes three euro shams, while the queen set includes two euro shams, each containing its distinctive coverlet. 

Flannel Coverlet Set in Grey

Ann Gish - Flannel Coverlet Set - Grey

For decades, Ann Gish has created collections that coordinate seamlessly with contemporary interiors. For modern and small-room designs, the flannel coverlet set by the Art of Home collection provides the straightforward sophistication required by such spaces. Made with machine-washable polyester, the flannel coverlet set is available in a cool shade of grey in woven patterns that shout luxury.

Arabesque Duvet Set

Ann Gish Arabesque Duvet Set

Modern interiors are sometimes equated with being understated. The arabesque duvet set exudes luxury with teal and gold laid on traditional beige jacquard. Its topstitched flange construction perfectly complements its intricate patterns. Both the king and queen sets include the duvet cover and two shams. Unlike most machine-washable duvet sets in the collection, the Arabesque duvet set requires dry cleaning.

Florence Duvet Set

 Ann Gish Florence Duvet Set

This machine-washable collection has intricate Florentine patterns that perfectly complement its cool and subdued fabric and colors. Its topstitched flange provides durability. Both king and queen sets include the coverlet with a pair of shams. For coolness and comfort, the Ann Gish Art of Home offers the Florence Duvet Set. Made of 100% cotton, this duvet set is machine-washable. 

The Great Hall Coverlet Set

Ann Gish Great Hall Coverlet Set

Launched in 2021, the Met x Ann Gish collection draws inspiration from the architecture and art collection found in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Detailed into a buttery-soft cotton matelasse, it adds beauty, sophistication, and exquisite touch to your bedroom. The reimagining of the beau-arts detailing found in the Met’s great hall is reflected in this coverlet set.

From the bold aqua and indigo duvet sets to the subdued tone choices ranging from ash, sand, and bone, these carefully-crafted pieces are works of art that bring a cultured and charming atmosphere to your bedroom space.

The Ann Gish Art of Home Bedding Styles Are a High-Value Way To Transform Your Bedroom Affordably 

Ann Gish Beach Stripe Duvet Set

Even before starting her company, Ann Gish has created a broad range of bedding products that appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Her creations are always stylish and have been adopted by celebrities, hotels, and the most modern homes. The Ann Gish Art of Home collection, with its beautiful patterns, more affordable fabrics, and high-quality construction, presents a high-value option for homeowners and interior designers seeking to add a charming touch to bedroom spaces instantly. These seven great-value duvet sets, as well as several others, such as the Beach Stripe, Plaid, Scroll, and Coin duvet sets, are available on our site at incredible prices. Visit our Bedding page to explore more options that will transform your room into something more exciting, beautiful, and charming.

February 09, 2023 — Digital Team