Add a touch of class to your dining experience by adding charming Italian dinnerware from Vietri to your table. Experience the worldly charm of the old world and bring luxury to your sumptuous dinner with exquisitely made Italian dinnerware and matching flatware, lovingly curated by the award winning interior designer Donna Livingston. Highlighted with dinnerware featuring handcrafted designs perfected over the centuries, your place settings will surely impress your guests! 

Add a Touch of Class to Your Dining Experience With Vietri Italian Dinnerware

The beautiful and exquisite Italian dinnerware we now enjoy traces its root back to the small Italian town of Vietri sul Mare. After spotting exquisitely patterned dinnerware at the San Pietro Hotel in Positano, Vietri founder, Lee Gravely and her daughters, Frances and Susan, traveled to Vietri to see the artisans make each piece by hand. That factory is where they first saw artisans paint, fire, and glaze each individual piece by hand. That is where the Gravelys first spotted the beautifully handcrafted dinnerware that would lead to the very first Vietri collection, Campagna. Vietri, which is also a play on the Italian phrase “three lives,” is an apt name for the company that would so change the lives of the three Gravely women.

The Campagna Cane Dinner Plate, Vietri Dishes at Their Best

Campagna Cane Dinner Plate By VIETRI

From the collection that started it all, the Campagna collection offers charming hand-painted designs that harken back to the artisans of the Amalfi coast that first inspired the Vietri line. You can now bring colorful and artistically entertaining plates to your dinner table with this whimsical hand-painted design of pups running along the seaside garden. It perfectly captures the vitality of the Italian countryside.

Campagna Cavallo Salad Plate By VIETRI


The exquisitely charming Campagna collection also includes Cavallo salad plates, Porco rectangular platters, Gallina oval platters, and Pesce dinnerware with fanciful patterns and colors that feature animals, adding old-world charm to your dining experience. 


The Vietri Vintage Steak Knives by Aladdin

Aladdin Antique Steak Knives By VIETRI

The Aladdin steak knives are the perfect capstone to any Italian flatware collection. These vintage steak knives are available in eye-pleasing hues only found in Italian flatware. With exquisite, pearlized handles and fine blades, these Aladdin flatware pieces can elevate any dinner setting with their versatility and sophistication. These refined knives will create an exceptional dining experience, whether for casual or formal occasions. 

 VIETRI-Aladdin Antique Five-Piece Place Setting         VIETRI- Aladdin Brilliant Five-Piece Place Setting

Complete your Aladdin flatware collection by purchasing the elegant Aladdin Antique Five-Piece Place setting or the sparkling Aladdin Brilliant Five-Piece Place setting.

Vietri Italian Flatware in Albero Elm and Oak Five-Piece Setting

VIETRI Albero Elm Five-Piece Place Setting

These flatware pieces replicate nature in its simplest and purest form. Albero means tree in Italian. Inspired by the essence of wood, the muted colors of its elm finish embody the soft grains and warmth of the tree trunk. Also available in oak, Rivadossi of Lumezzane, Italy makes this exquisite flatware.

 VIETRI- Albero Oak Steak Knives - Set of 4

You can complement your wood antique Italian dinnerware setting with charming dinner cutlery with the Albero Oak or Elm steak knives, cheese knife sets, spreaders, and salad server sets.


Vietri Incanto Sixteen-Piece Place Settings

 VIETRI - Incanto Assorted Sixteen-Piece Place Setting

Incanto means "enchantment" in Italian. The Incanto designs were inspired by Italian art, landscape, and history. The baroque style that inspires each piece recreates the architectural curves of 17th-century Europe. The stripes are a homage to the famed lace of the Burano Island of Venice. The pleated patterns hark to the gentle curves found in structures from Venice, Italy, where this masterfully-crafted dinnerware originates. Incanto has remained a beloved collection of Italian dinnerware for a decade. Finished in a beautiful white glaze, its unique colors are characterized by its subdued charcoal hue. Each piece is hand-painted by artisans, bearing its hallmark of subtle brushstrokes that provide this dinnerware with its unique sought-after qualities. 

Pietra Serena, Fine Florentine Dinnerware


VIETRI Pietra Serena Sixteen-Piece Place Setting


Pietra Serena, the Italian name for sandstone, also means "serene stone." The Pietra Serena collection, represented by this lovely sixteen-piece place setting, is a hallmark of Italian Renaissance history. Pietra Serena, used as a preferred material in Florentine Renaissance architecture, is the foundation of this remarkable city. Characterized by hand-pressed edges, it is a fitting tribute to the rich culture reflected by this remarkable Tuscan stoneware.

VIETRI Pietra Serena Four-Piece Place Setting

The rich collection of Pietra Serena dinnerware includes a four-piece place setting, XOXO plates, and square platters, among others. The Pietra Serena and Incanto dinnerware sets, brought to you by Home Decor by Donna, afford you a different take on serving delicious Italian food in a cultured setting.


Rufolo Italian Glassware 


 VIETRI Rufolo Glass Gold Crocodile Service Plate/Charger


Italian glassware has ancient origins. From the time of Ancient Rome, exquisitely-made glassware has always been a fixture in classic Italian dinnerware. The Rufolo line of Italian glassware has a beautiful and sophisticated combination of gold accents that brings a shimmering touch to your meal. Its classic shapes give your dining experience an effortlessly beautiful captivating look. Made from the finest sands, it has an heirloom quality for durability and glamor. 


VIETRI - Rufolo Glass Gold Round Platter        VIETRI Rufolo Glass Gold Honeycomb Salad Plate


The Rufolo collection is also available as glass gold platters, votives, canape plates, and patterns with striking honeycomb variations in salad plates and large bowls. With the Rufolo collection and its elegantly sophisticated gold-touched designs, you can bring the level of ornamentation to your dining experience befitting royalty.


For an Authentic Italian Dining Experience, Serve Your Guests Using Vietri Dinnerware Sets

Like its food, Italian culture is also rich with exquisitely-made dinnerware that completes the ultimate Italian dining experience by adding a touch of class only Italian dinnerware can provide. From the whimsical charm of the Italian countryside featured by the Campagna collection of colorful dinner plates to the majestic sophistication of Rufolo's gold-tinged glassware, our collection of Vietri dinnerware sets will transport you to the splendid charm of the Amalfi Coast, place you amidst the classic Renaissance architecture of Florence or the ornate Baroque lines of Venetian dining spots. Fondly curated by the award-winning interior designer Donna Livingston, each piece is a classy addition to a highly-cultured dining collection. Home Decor by Donna has a rich collection of Italian Dinnerware by Vietri available on our site. Our Vietri collection also includes exquisite porcelain pieces in their Acqatico, Bianco, Cantina, Chroma, Tartaruga, and other styles. Vietri flatware from in their Ares style is also available, as well as their   Contessa glassware and more.

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