Exquisite, mesmerizing, and unique are just a few of the words that can describe the Kosta Boda Vase collection. No two pieces are quite the same, making them revered, respected, and sought-after by collectors and interior designers worldwide. What makes Kosta Boda vases exceptional? With their fine lines and extraordinary forms, what makes them unique? 

The History of Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda


The setting of Kosta Boda's birth is the forest of Småland, Sweden. The selection of the site was made due to its strategic location between Stockholm and Karlskrona. Founded in 1742 during the reign of King Frederick I of the House of Hesse, Kosta is one of the oldest active glassworks in Sweden. Two governors who were former generals of King Charles XII, namely Anders Koskull and George Bogislaus Stael von Holstein, founded a glasswork factory that they named Kosta. Kosta was taken from the names of the founders.

Glassware was considered a luxury item for the first 150 years of Kosta Boda's existence. Its products were reserved mainly for royalty, the nobility, and wealthy merchants who could afford such goods. Their primary products were fine glassware, such as crystal chandeliers and window panes. During this time, the products were created by professional glassblowers from other parts of Europe who kept the secrets of their techniques. It took a long time before Swedes learned to make these items themselves.

The idea to build a uniquely Swede design profile was born during the Stockholm Exhibition in 1897 when Kosta Boda's products reflected the designs and forms prevalent in other parts of Europe. From then on, the company decided to hire its own native designers, starting with Gunnar Wennerberg. In 1935, the company hired its first female designer, Tyra Lundgren. Since then, Kosta Boda has worked with many well-known designers who have been part of shaping the brand as we know it today. Its prominence worldwide was spearheaded by distinguished designers, such as Vicke Lindstrand, who served as the company's artistic director from 1950 to 1973.



Kosta Boda, as we know the company today, was formed in 1976 through a merger between Kosta, Boda, and Åfors. In 2005, Orrefors Kosta Boda AB became a part of the New Wave Group AM. This company operates with various consumer and corporate brands, such as sports, interior design, leisure, and gifts. Today, Kosta Boda and its old glassworks are a tourist attraction. The company has expanded its manufacturing base to include various European glassworks with the same design and manufacturing philosophy. Despite the challenges presented by competition from other skilled glassworks and glass companies that use machinery, the Kosta Boda brand remains strong and is as popular as ever.

Five Reasons Why the Kosta Boda Vase Collection Is Excellent

Aside from its history and heritage of avant-garde Swedish design, there are five reasons main why the Kosta Boda Vase collection is an excellent must-have for your home.

Each Costa Boda Vase Is a Unique Work of Art

Kosta Boda is an exceptional example of a company that has preserved its approach to manufacturing. With its history of making glassware as luxury pieces while employing the best artisans and glassblowers in the industry, it has been consistent through its 300 years of existence in providing exceptional glass products. Each vase carries with it the design cues from a designer and is handmade under their close supervision.

Costa Boda Vase


The Contrast Vase Blue is an example of an artistic impression of a dedicated artist. Created by the designer, Anna Ehmer, its swirling lines and veils of colors are the designer's trademark. The elegant contrasts make every piece unique. The Kosta Boda Contrast Vase collection is available in other shades, such as the Contrast Vase White and the Contrast Vase Black. Aside from vases, the Kosta Boda Contrast collection includes candle holders and bowls.

Each Kosta Boda Vase Suits the Modern Home


Costa Boda Vase

Throughout its 300 years of existence, Kosta glassworks has been known to employ the best artists worldwide, making the best contemporary pieces that reflect the age. Before 1898, artists from the rest of Europe designed and created pieces that fit the era's fashion. From 1898 to the present day, Kosta has worked exclusively with Swedish artists to craft glassware that appeals to contemporary tastes.

A prime example is the mesmerizing Kosta Boda Beans collection. Bertil Vallien designed the Beans art glass. The Kosta Boda Beans collection is a hallmark of the company's direction toward creative experimentation. With its play of light forming like the "outpouring from a volcano where the glowing mass rapidly transforms into ice to capture the right moment to allow the glass to reveal its secrets." Kosta Boda Beans art glass is also available in fascinating colors, such as Golden Brown Satin, Orange, and Pink.

Each Kosta Boda Vase Is a Functional Art Object

Costa Boda Vase


Each Kosta Boda Vase is an exceptional piece of art that can bring any modern interior space to life. Whether to hold flowers or serve as storage, they work well to combine function and form. Each vase is made to the highest quality standards of Swedish glassmaking, known for making sturdy products.

The prolific Åsa Jungnelius designed the Kosta Boda Crackle Vase. Manufacturing each vase involves cooling hot glass with ice-cold water, which forms its distinctive and organic look. The manufacturing process produces its crackled surface, hence its name, reminding us of the incredible power of fire and water as natural elements. The Kosta Boda Crackle vase is also available in pink.

Each Kosta Boda Vase Is a Collector’s Item

Costa Boda Vase


Each Kosta Boda Vase you acquire is a piece of artistic expression. Each year, designers craft exceptional pieces using traditional glassmaking techniques with subtle variations that make each piece unique. Some releases become popular and, on some occasions, are reissued later on.

The company occasionally releases memorable designs from its history. Today, we have a respected release available on our site. To celebrate its 275th anniversary, they brought back a timeless classic highlighting everyday festivities in the 1980s through the Kosta Boda Limelight Vase Collection. The Limelight Rose Vase, by Göran Wärff, is a mesmerizing play of light and illusion.

A Kosta Boda Vase Is Always Mesmerizingly Beautiful


Costa Boda Vase

Because each piece is crafted and finished by skilled and experienced craftsmen, each Kosta Boda Vase is designed to be beautiful, with its manufacturing being supervised by a renowned designer. Keeping to its tradition of providing high-quality glassware fit to adorn the homes of exalted customers, every piece has kept to this approach to quality and beauty for centuries.

Today, you have the chance to bring home a stunning piece of artwork through the Mirage Extra Large Forest Green-Blue Vase. Designed by the master of illusion, Göran Wärff, the vase is a masterfully-crafted piece that plays with light to create a mesmerizing array of colors through his unique glassmaking technique. Today, this vase collection also includes the same flowing forms with colors that enrapture, such as the Mirage Vase Blue Amber and the Mirage Vase Forest Blue/Green.

The Kosta Boda Vase Collection Includes Excellent Pieces That Will Enhance Your Space

Along with its rich heritage and a tradition of design excellence, each piece from the Kosta Boda Vase collection is genuine work of art with quality that enhances any space it touches. These captivating works of art in glass play with nature uniquely and reflect the artists' concept of beauty and creative expression. From vases to bowls, votives, and other glassware, you can have a piece of Swedish design excellence to revitalize your home. See more products from the Kosta Boda collection offered by Home Decor by Donna.

December 29, 2022 — Digital Team